“Busy all day. Busy all week,

busy the entire year.

How much of this busy-ness

is relevant to

the original reasons

for which we have chosen

this life experience?”









Unconscious Busy-ness

Around me most often busy people.

Busy all day. Busy all week, busy the entire year

Shall we ask to our heart: How much of this busy-ness is relevant to the original reasons for which I have chosen this life experience?
How much of this busy-ness is relevant to my personal evolution, how much of it is supportive to life to the planet and to humanity? And how much of it is feeding a non sensical, heartless, artificial, vicious, lifeless mechanism?

How much of my doing is truly relevant to my soul and how much is only feeding the mind ego?

How much is motivated by love, care and support and how much is motivated by internal mind programs who are only concerned about survival, fear, ego power, or fulfilling an outside curriculum which has the only intent to keep us small and insignificant and to reduce us to a controlled and I obedient operative system rather then supporting a creative vibrant sovereign being who is motivated by the delicious imaginative efforts that aim solely for integration of beauty and love into our physical experience?

If we could stop for a moment and ask ourself these questions, maybe we would start to gradually peel off all those less then significant stuff from our busy calendar and we would start to direct our intelligence, our inner gifts, our imagination, our time and effort towards very focused energy fields that are more organic, more in tune with nature, with life, with our true purpose. Then Source by the law of resonance would create the synchronistic events that would take care of all those basic needs that we are constantly running for, left and right for, like money, bills, rent, etc.. 

Shall we consider giving to it a try?

Marco Missinato


Photo: Unconscious Busy-ness

Photo by Marco Missinato

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