Music By Marco Missinato

This album covers the full emotional spectrum from gentle nostalgia to passionate longing. It is a testament to poetry and love given in the most direct and open way – through music. The sound of the piano and the hauntingly beautiful melodies reach for the inner depths of the soul. 

“SOAVE” is a collection of instrumental piano compositions composed by Marco Missinato and performed by world-renowned concertist, Lilly Popova. It found its final development in the Summer 2000, when Marco Missinato met Lilia Popova, a classical pianist of great accomplishment despite her young age. At the end of 2000, after a long period of preparation, the album was recorded at Chick Corea’s Mad Hatter studio. 



By Marco Missinato

The Last Goodbye
Searching Hearts
Blue Carillon
Summer Flight
Shadows of Memories
Life at the Mirror
Wings of Love
Naked Soul
Pensive Angel
A Prayer for You

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