What does being successful mean?

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How Do We Attract the Life That We Want? From “Walking the Path” with Marco Missinato

“True success in Life can be measured by the amount of joy you are experiencing in your daily life” – Marco Missinato

It is becoming more and more obvious that “Being successful” is  not what the conventional world wants us to think and believe…

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successful I think the best way to

measure success is to to measure the

amount of joy that you are experiencing

on your daily life

that’s probably the best monitor,  the  best way to monitorize to

find out how if you are living a most of

the time in a state of joy in a state of

excitement and passion and and gratitude

and all those wonderful feelings of

feeling alive and feeling vibrantly

connected with with your human friends

and fellows and with nature and with

what you’re doing with your job and and

this is keeping expanding and expanding

I think that then you can say

that you are successful

the ordinary way of thinking “success”    I think now most of the people know

that it’s not the real success but the

ordinary way of thinking success is when

you know,  you became somebody somebody which it’s a peculiar

expression because you already are

somebody by default you cannot not be

somebody, try it,   it is possible

you already are somebody but what they may mean that you have been recognized

as a someone there is better then… why

because you

you have the manipulated the situation

in order to manifest into your life a

certain amount of money a certain amount

of mundane recognition or fame or

power and that’s the typical success as

society point it out and it’s an

indoctrination that start very early in

our childhood

they tell us that that’s success and it’s it’s

a good and interesting and and also very

powerful experience because we by

following those guidelines we come to

understand that that’s not success and

so it’s valuable in that way because we

experienced success has they want us to

believe and then we realize all that’s

not success but and so now I learned

something and so now i might direct my

attention to something else

or in the other hand some think

I am still not successfully and they keep on yeah you know searching and  they feel

like a failure if they don’t

yes yeah and this is still part of the

following this never ending

process of of being “somebody” and and

there is always some some more body that

you have to become because it’s never

enough because there’s always somebody

that is better than you or has more than your

or is more famous or has more money of you has

a bigger house and you know and so but

it comes to the point i think we already

enter a stage in our human journey where

these is becoming really obvious it’s

really becoming obvious that that’s not

the way what is not obvious just yet is

what really is success so this is a time

where is difficult because many of us

are realizing that that’s not a success

because it keeps me empty inside but

I don’t know what successes is so I get

lost and I get depressed and then maybe

I get into drugs and alcohol or have suicidal

thoughts or I create a disease so i can

check out because I am lost and scared and

then I don’t know what what to do but as

we progress into the journey

is becoming more obvious also what

successes is which is basically starting to

look within yourself for finding the

answers and not looking

outside you can capture some pieces of

truth outside but then you have to look

within to really to really find

your core because  at this point we

can say with a certain ease that most of

the things that come from outside are no

real it’s a it’s a deceptive

artificially created reality that

doesn’t really…    is not for our good it’s

not benevolent and so we need to

unplug from that and possibly discharge

our emotional connection with it

so neutralize ourself and then from

that neutral place we can go into our

self where there is not polarity that

is not left and right small and big

good and bad    you find within your core

that zero point with that oneness and

from there you probably will be able to

sort things out and then you can apply

it into into life and we have a lot of

wonderful tools that can help us with

that Nature being one, Imagination,  Joy

and Love Making, Creativity in all kinds of

shapes and forms… and Stillness of course


What does being successful means

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How Do We Attract the Life That We Want?

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