What Are the keys to a Happy Life?

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What Are the keys to a Happy Life? From “Walking the Path” with Marco Missinato

Marco briefly shares his perception on what are the elements of Life that can take us to a state of happiness

“True success in Life can be measured by the amount of joy you are experiencing in your daily life” – Marco Missinato

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what are the keys to a happy life?

the keys to a happy life?

yeah,    I never seen those keys

I would love to have them

i think the key for a happy life is to become more and more of who you are

to become more and more

to unleash more and more the force that

is within you it was to come out and dance

to follow whatever is joyful for

you wherever your intuition your natural

tendency direct you to and to unleash

the special gifts that are within

yourself that nobody else has

because you’re a unique being and you’re

an amazing creator and you are

carrying within yourself something

incredibly valuable for life that is

extremely special and everybody are

waiting for that and everybody are in need

of that and to be able to gain

such a level of appreciation for life in

such a level of responsibility for life to

have the strength to identify the gifts

within yourself and bring it out to

surface and take action upon them and

then share them with everybody i think is the

highest level of happiness you can ever

experience when you share your gifts

with a zero agenda with the ego that

is not involved in the game so

you are pure 100% percent in your

sincere genuine desire to just be alive

and to share and you’re not corrupted

and you’re not corruptible and you are

in a high state of integrity and you

just create out of joy and

let it go and give it to it and to give

it to the world and then create and give

it to the world

I think that’s the most most fun way to

live your life

any more keys?

well I suspect that there is an infinite

amount of keys that will present to

you once you you are using these first

few keys

you probably find more and more i don’t

think it is i think is a never-ending

process and that’s a even more exciting

imagination which is the way how

everything is created will keep

expanding and taking you to new

possibilities new way to express

yourself and express your gifts and be

even more supportive and impactful to

life and to other beings

human beings or not human beings so very

very exciting


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