The Selfish Bee

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The Bee flies in Joy from flower to flower

collecting the elements for the fulfillment of her heart vision and dream.

She is not distracted by the outside dramas of the world,

she does not try to be something else,
neither she minds the voices of many telling her:
“how selfish of you to be in your joy in a world that is in such misery and sorrow”

She keeps her labor of joy and creation with no hesitance, no doubts.

The Bee in her joyful flying from flower to flower unknowingly collect the flower polline.

And so many new flowers will grow after her passage

and the life of flowers will spread and continue its important journey.

To help Mother Earth and Humanity all we need to do is to find the courage to be fully ourselves following fully the intuitive and powerful guidance of our heart and our joyful imagination.

Nothing else is required

Marco Missinato

Photo: Bees labor of Love

Photo by Marco Missinato


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