The Female Energy (Heart)

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The Female Energy (Heart) from “Walking the Path” with Marco Missinato

in this video Marco talks about the importance of connecting with our female energy, the heart, in order to successfully pass through the present and upcoming years of intense transformation that Humanity and the Planet are passing through.

“For Humanity to continue the journey of Higher Realms
the Heart must be open”
– Marco Missinato

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“Walking Through the Garden of Life”

Music by Marco Missinato

from the album

UNFOLDING SECRETS – Symphony of the Heart

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You were talking about the Female Energy.  Why is it, at this time, so important. . . The Female Energy?

The Female energy has always been important, not just at this time.  The reason why it appears to be so important at this time because we have been reaching this dis-harmonic male energy has reached such a point that is causing so much suffering on this planet.  It is really important that the female energy. . . the Real female energy. . .  because there are different female energies that have been sponsors as true female energy.  Female energy is NOT the passive-fication. . . “Everything is Good,”  “Everything is Well,” “We don’t do anything,” “We don’t judge,” “Because it is all in divine order”   This is not the female energy I have in mind.  When I connect with the female energy it is really strong.  Unconditional Love energy and it is very active.  And I believe that is what is occurring right now with our beautiful planet and within our solar system.  Most likely in many other realities it seems like . . . it feels like our Mother Earth, which is a conscious being and is actually the personification of who created us, is our Mother Nature, our Mother Earth.

The planet is a living, breathing, conscious, extremely wise, and very loving being is at this time attempting to correct mistakes that have been occurring in these transformational center which is called incarnation on Earth.  These mistakes are being corrected through frequencies, through resonances.  Mother Earth is raising up the frequencies and as a consequence of all of this occurring, all the deceptions, all the lies and misguided information that we have been part of our journey for thousands of years and all the secrecy now is quite rapidly coming to the surface.  We need to start to acknowledge all this deceptions that have been taken for truths.  It is very challenging for most of us because we are so self-identified with this artificially created reality that is really, really scary to let go of it because our identity has been lost in the mirror that is mirroring us that is distorted.  So the biggest challenge for us right now is to face the quite intense metamorphosis that we too need to endure in order to be successfully going back to our true origins and bring back this Earth experience to a more loving and less dramatic less separative experience.

I don’t believe that this experience was meant to be so painful.  There is an incredible amount of pain that is being experienced in this reality and in this earthly experience.  It is already getting out of hand.  It is too much.  Something needs to happen to stop it.  That is exactly what is happening or will be happening in the next few years or decades or few hundred years.  But the process is already started.  It is quite rapid.  I understand that it cannot be too rapid as some of us want to get it all going but for the majority it has to go slow because it is like the example of the person that has been in jail for years and all of a sudden they tell you. . . they open the door completely and they say now you can get out.  It’s quite scary because the reality of the person that has been in jail for 40 years has to face is so overwhelmingly different and unknown at this point that the person in jail most likely will try anything possible to stay in the prison and even to deny that the door is open.  That is what is happening right now.  It is in my opinion that all of the doors of these prisons right now are open or semi open.  And the reason why it still feels like a prison is that most of us are still very scared to even cross the doorway or acknowledge that things are happening already.  It is too scary.  So I find it very understandable that such a process needs time.

Back to the example of the person in prison is that person will become aware that the door is open but will deny and look somewhere else avoid that and maybe once in a while take a quick peek back at the door, then feel scared and we go back into his jail routine but maybe little by little he comes closer to the door and looks a little bit behind it and look through the door at the light, then get scared again.  Then maybe another couple years we will stay in prison and pretend it doesn’t exist and little by little we’ll start to fully acknowledge that actually this prison is not a prison anymore and know that there is a way out.  Once that occurs, it will eventually start to move a little bit of the feet out of the door and then come back bit gradually get back out.

Now it is very interesting, although it would be wonderful to allow all the time necessary for everybody to get out of the prison.  At the same time there is a sense of urgency that needs to be respected because the planet is literally dying.   Basically if you don’t out of the prison then the prison may lock in again.  Once it locks in again here we go again for another 200,000 years of imprisonment.  So we need to find the courage even if it scares the hell out of us, we need to dare into the unknown.  Again back to where we were in the beginning, the difference between resonance and sense of familiarity.  Here it is obvious, the sense of familiarity is the prison and resonance is what is out there.  So eventually within our system, the desire to follow the resonance will prevail the desire to feel safe.  That is when we will finally make the jump, as the caterpillar becomes the butterfly because the cocoon is collapsing and the wings want to open, open and set free.  It is becoming unbearable to keep sustaining the role of I am a caterpillar, I am a caterpillar because the whole body is telling you the opposite and the whole cocoon where the caterpillar has been all his life is collapsing so. . . We need to find the courage to just spread our wings and just jump and see what happens.

Assuming that you do that, immediately you will realize that there is actually nothing to be scared of.  This is very much the same experience that you have when you face death.  We as souls all are scare about death, but in reality when we face it we realize immediately that it is a beautiful situation.  Now, we have to face death but without leaving the body. When we face death now it means just to get out of prison and once you are out there is no way that you can get back.

Back to your original question, about the female energy. . . the female energy is going to be our most powerful vehicle because the mind is not going to let go of the prison because the prison and the mind are the same thing.  The physical prison is nothing more than the crystallization of the mind prison.  Eventually we will have to choose.  Either to experience another 200,000 years or another 250,000 years I don’t know the numbers but another cycle of imprisonment, which I don’t even know if we have that option or not actually.  Probably we do, maybe we don’t.  I am not an expert in this.  We have to fully embrace our Heart and our soul and our female energy in order to successfully pass through this intense period of transformation.


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