The Cup

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A beautiful whole cup falls in the floor and breaks into infinite amount of pieces.

Each piece has different and unique shape and form.

Some are big and still resemble the cup, some are not recognizable at all and some are reduced to dust.

No matter what shapes they have, all of them are equally important for the reformation of the cup.

The missing of even the smallest one will not be able to complete the recreation of the original cup.

At the moment of the crash some remain close to the point where the cup collapsed, other fall very far in the distance, some so far that it is hard to locate them.

After the crash immediately all the pieces of the cup start to move back towards the point of collision, the zero point, and reunite with the other pieces as slowly the cup recreates its original shape.

The elements of the cup after the experience of separation as they move closer toward the point of collapse become more aware, more vibrant, more illuminated therefore the cup that is slowly regaining its shape is now pulsing a new quality of energy and evoke a new and more intense splendor.

As it regenerates itself the cup gains a new higher vibration and a deeper sense of knowing itself by experiencing its de-fragmentation.

Please note: I use “It” for lack of better words as in this metaphor the Cup is a living being which existence is outside the game of  polarity and therefore is both a He and a She at the same time.

Marco Missinato

Photo: A Broken Vase

photo by Marco Missinato


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