My Life so Far: 1 – My Birth and First Years in the World

“My Life so Far” part 1:

My Birth and First Years in the World

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I was born in 1962 in what was at that time a small town named Pordenone in the northern part of Italy not far from the city of Venice.

Both my mother and father where originally from that very same town although my mother was at that time living in the big city of Rome in the center of the Italian peninsula.

They were both 20 years old when they met. My mother was visiting her relatives and friend in her native neighborhood when one of her cousins felt inspire to introduce her to this very handsome young man, my future to be father, Gastone.

The connection was fatal, they both fall in love and almost immediately I was conceived.

The rapid sequences of events: meeting, falling in love and becoming pregnant, pushed those two wonderful youngsters to do what at that time was mandatory in such situation: getting married.

I was comfortably living in the heavens of my mother’s belly when she walked through the doors of the town’s church with my father waiting next to the altar. The couple was stunningly beautiful, madly in love and filled with the excitement of an unknown future. However they barely knew each other and soon they will find out that their priorities and life expectations where quite different.

My mother power and strength, fearlessness, positive and daring attitude, her independent spirit, and her inner determination to step out of the limitations of a family that was still facing the economic crises of the after war effect, was barely containable by my father’s more low key and conservative personality.

However my first 6 years of life, entirely spent in Pordenone, were filled with loving memories, particularly in connection with my 20 something years old mother who was a sanctuary of love and care, and who was constantly balancing me from the benevolent but rigid and conservative ways of my father’s family.


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