My Life so Far: 7 – A Summer bike Trip

“My Life so Far” part 7

A Summer bike Trip

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A Summer bike Trip

With my friends I would always stand out as “different” and doing always “strange things”.

My creativity was constantly attempting to pull them into joined adventures out of the box and out of the ordinary ways.

When I was fourteen I conveyed to my friends the idea to travel around Italy with the bike during the upcoming Summer.

Every body thought I was crazy. Only my friend Fabrizio got very exited about this idea. We then planned together the trip. We started to rebuild the bikes which needed to be capable to curry luggages, camping stuff, cooking utilities, bike repair tolls, clothing, food, etc.  I remember us spending countless after school hours and days in the back of my condominium building where I had sort of a storage which my grand father transformed into a lab where he would work repairing antique furnitures for the neighbor. In his life he was an artisan of wood and he was truly an amazing at his craft. He was delightful to help us restructuring the two bikes in preparation for the trip. At that time there was not such thing as equipment for traveling with bikes as there is today.

When the Summer finally arrived and we were free from school we left for what become one of the most amazing adventures of our life.

The trip lasted almost two months and we travelled up to the island of Elba where we ended up camping and staying for several weeks.

When we came back the group of children that were laughing at my original idea became exited about it and the next years many attempted to do the same. Fabrizio still today talk about this trip to his son and family and we both still have those two old bikes which have remained untouched after the end of the trip.



Two teenager, a couple of self made bycicles and an Island to get to… It was in the 70s



Il Mio canto Libero

Music by Mogol-Battisti

Sang by Marco Missinato


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