Love Making: The Portal to ONENESS Through Unity with the Mirror of Ourselves

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In Love Making, we connect with the Energy Field of SOURCE through the union with our lover.

When love making is pure, our lover becomes our most pure mirror, so that we can fully see ourselves without the contracting illusions of our mind (ego). In such experience we feel ONENESS, and recognize it as organic truth.

Such recognition expands our awareness, and allows us to tap into frequencies that clearly show us the differentiation between Illusion and Truth.

The Orgasms created with pure love making connect us to SOURCE, and allow us to download valuable guidance, and information about our temporary Earthly Journey. Such guidance and information trigger an action path through JOY and IMAGINATION and allow the manifestation of higher frequency realities.

Pure Love Making raises our vibration. After pure lovemaking has taken place it is almost impossible to wish or feel negative outcomes, as the heart and our solar plexus are open, and everything feels Oneness and Love. It is also very difficult to be deceived or manipulated into lower frequencies realms, as our energy is too high, and negative energies cannot see, or find us.

This is one of the reasons why the System has put so much work on suppressing, deviating, or distorting sexuality. It is well aware of how empowering organic love making is, and how impossible it is to control and manipulate a pure lover. By introducing and sponsoring the idea of shame, guilt, female submission, pornography and pedophilia, it has been possible to create from sexuality, a low frequency experience which creates separation, disempowerment, female energy suppression and an unbalanced relationship between lovers and couples.

Marco Missinato


Photo: “Ocean Contemplation”

Photo by Marco Missinato


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