About The Earth Template, the Matrix and Money

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"We can stretch the realities over imposed by the original Life template (Matrix) by using our imagination. The first necessary step seems to be the Releasing of our emotional charge we have when we respond to those tools like Money. To become neutral will allow us to have a higher level of discernment and therefore [...]

What is Unconditional Love?

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Marco share his thoughts and feeling about the idea of unconditional love and how a true Lover understand how fear based and futile all conditions are. No past of future are involved in the unconditional loving experience, it is just an act of full surrendering into the now. An unconditional Lover is the expression of […]

What is Sex ?

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In this video Marco shares with us about sex and what it means to him.  He differentiates sex from lovemaking because the idea of sex is primarily defined by the System versus lovemaking is two people wonderfully loving themselves.  According to Marco, the System promotes that certain body shapes and forms define a person as […]

What is going to happen after this period of Transformation?

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In this video Marco Missinato shares his thoughts about this period of transformation everyone is talking about.  Of course it is not clearly known what with happen but Marco anticipates the ideas of scarcity and separation will fade away and be transmuted.  For example, money seems to control so much of people’s lives and their […]