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From the very beginning my life on Earth was quite an intense experience (I am sure I am not the only one who can make such claim).

I perceived this fascinating 3-dimensional reality mostly through feelings, therefore my earliest memories express themselves more as “sensations” rather than “images”.

In fact “Sensations” was the name of my very first series of compositions. 

I remember the vast range of sensations and feelings during my earliest days through the adolescent period.

Some were very subtle, many other very strong sometimes almost overwhelming, but all of them were profoundly impact full

The quality of the “sensations” would dramatically increase when music was part of the experience. 

Somehow, when music was present, whatever was happening in front of me would become very similar to the experience of a dream and everything would be instantly surrounded by a deep feeling of Love. 

In those moments the common 3-dimensional perception of separation would be gone. Often tears would pour from my eyes and a sense of oneness would completely fill my heart allowing its complete opening.

My connection with music was also expressed by a deep desire to play a musical instrument, particularly the piano. When that would happen my emotions would completely direct me through the notes of the instrument and melodies would be running through very rapidly in a very intense way. 

As my relationship with music deepened throughout my life I came to many realizations:

  1. Music is the highest and most direct to Source vibration available on Earth. 
  1. Music is the fastest conduit to the higher self
  1. Music is the bridge to Our Mother nature, Imagination, Out of the Matrix Stars, Universes, Cosmic energies and the door to higher realms of existence
  1. Music creates the instant dissipation of the illusion of separation into Oneness. 
  2. It allows the most profound communion amongst humans, animals, plants and Source.
  1. By functioning as a bridge to my true self music facilitates the remembering of my true spiritual identity. Through sounds and melodies music reveals both the resonating truth of being One with everything that exist and the unique ways we all express such oneness. It is like a cup that has fallen into the floor. Infinite amounts of all sizes and forms broken pieces are all over the place. Each piece is both part of the cup and a wonderful unique individual form of existence.
  1. It is my strong belief that by following the very unique ways through which each of us individually express oneness (through the pursuing of our Unique Gifts) we create a high vibrational support to our self and to others and we fulfill our life purpose. Music has helped me to understand such concept. Actually more than understand it, it has helped me to feel this concept.

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