Marco Missinato is an Artist and a Creative Communicator who uses the power of his heart inspired creativity, music, words and photography, to deliver supportive messages to people, to inspire others to dare into the voice of their heart and overcome the fears of limited beliefs and consequences, and, most importantly, to produce creative experiences that support and facilitate the release of blocked emotions within ourselves and trigger the process of remembering who we truly are.

“Like most of the people on the planet, I came here in this fascinating physical journey to become fully aware of myself from a new perspective based on polarity. My heart and my imagination are the given devices. As I progress into the physical experience presented by resonances and dissonances I increase my ability to discern what is real from what is not and I become more and more aware of what I already am” - Marco Missinato

Marco Missinato’s intent is to support Humanity and Mother Earth at this delicate and most important transitioning time by sharing his unique music and photography and as he is “Walking the Path” he expresses his constantly expanding points of views and personal findings on his video blog, inspirational quotes and written articles.